Brussels Airlines is looking for suggestions for a fifth special design to join its fleet of decorated aircraft inspired by Belgian icons. The airline has therefore launched a contest to allow the public a chance to select the fifth ‘quintessential Belgian’ design. Participants are invited to draw or describe their idea, writes Bruzz.

Brussels Airlines already has four aircraft with references to famous Belgian icons: comic strip Tintin, surrealist painter René Magritte, the Red Devils national football team and dance music festival Tomorrowland.

It is the first time that the airline launches a contest to allow the public to decide on its next airborne icon. Since the launch, the website has already received about 250 designs. “They vary from fries, mussels, beer, chocolate and even smurfs, to more surprising ideas like Mercator and Marsupilami,” says Kim Daenen of Brussels Airlines.

The contest runs until 31 August, after which time a jury of well-known Belgians will select the two best designs to compete in the final. The public will then choose its favourite design via Facebook.

The winner will be invited to take part in the first flight of the freshly painted Airbus A320.

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