Belgian mother suspected of sending 65,000 euros to Islamic State© Belga

Police have opened an investigation into a Belgian jihadist’s mother who allegedly sent some 65,000 euros to the Islamic State terrorist group.
She thought this money was for her son and his family, but it was used for terrorist purposes, Het Laatste Nieuws reported on Thursday.

Certain documents indicated that the mother sent money to an intermediary in Turkey, according to the newspaper. The sum was then sent to a man who is currently on trial in Portugal for plotting a terrorist attack in Europe. The jihadi son, Sammy Djedou, had participated in this plot prior to being killed.

The Belgian mother has been committed for several years against radicalism and said she was unaware of her son’s projects.

“It’s easy to blame a mother, while the cement giant Lafarge has apparently invested hundreds of thousands of euros in support of IR activities in Syria,” her lawyer Alexis Deswaef stated.

According to Deswaef, two other mothers risk prosecution for having sent money to their children in Syria.

The Brussels Times

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