© Belga
An Belgian F-16 crashed in a field in France. Credit: © Belga

© Belga

A Belgian Air Force combat jet crashed into a field in France on Thursday, with one of the plane’s occupants reportedly stuck on a high-tension wire.

The F-16 was carrying out a military exercise when it crashed into a field in Pluvigner, near the Morbihan gulf in northwestern France, according to the Belga news agency.

Both pilots managed to safely eject themselves out of the aircraft as it crashed down, but one of them reportedly landed on a high-tension wire.

Notified of the incident at around 10:30 AM, emergency response teams and the French national guard rushed to the scene of the crash, from which a large cloud of black smoke could be seen from a distance.

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The second officer is being treated for injuries, and inhabitants of a house near the site of the crash have been evacuated.

The Belgian defence ministry confirmed the crash in a statement obtained by Belga, and French authorities have launched a crisis management mechanism as a result of the incident.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

This story is developing.

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