Some of the most shocking requests Models receive from fans, revealed by Dakota James

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Some of the most shocking requests Models receive from fans, revealed by Dakota James
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A model has lifted the lid on the kinky requests she gets from fans. Dakota James, 23, admits she’d do “just about anything” to please her followers.

The beauty, from New York, US, shares revealing snaps to her 1.6 million admirers on Instagram.

And the bombshell, who claims she wasn’t very attractive when she was younger, comes across the kinkiest fans on social media.

She receives a lot of attention from followers who subscribe to her adults-only Nudiez page.

On the social media platform, Dakota experiences a different world of people – including one fan who’s turned on by her cheesy feet.

She said: “Business has definitely gotten better this year. I definitely make more money now.

“I was far from the hottest girl in high school. I’m more confident than ever.”

Her confidence has allowed her to fulfil many of her fans’ most outlandish fantasies.

Dakota revealed: “One time someone asked me if I could grate cheese on my feet and then eat it. I did it!”

She added: “But don’t worry though – I had clean feet.”

Dakota James has grown extremely fond of her army of fans.

The model explained: “I have a great relationship with them overall. They always keep me laughing.

“I am very interactive and I care about them and they do me.”

Of course there are times when Dakota has to tell her fans that there’s obviously a line.

She continued: “I have to remind them about boundaries – but I am very happy with my fans and our relationship.

“I get marriage proposals daily – just look at any picture on Instagram.”

Meanwhile, one fan took things to another level when they inked her on their body.

Dakota detailed: “A fan got me tattooed. It was pretty cool.”

She also applies marketing tricks to figure out what content her fans like – and it’s mainly of her naked.

And for now – believe it or not – Dakota James is currently single.

The model admitted: “Unfortunately, it’s hard to find someone that’s comfortable with my job.”, pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0