5 reasons to opt for non-iron shirts


5 reasons to opt for non-iron shirts

The shirt is and remains a classic piece of clothing that no man should lack in the wardrobe. Shirts no longer come in just white and light blue, but can be found in all shapes and sizes. From modest, inconspicuous hues for the office to flamboyant and colorful models for an evening in the city. The iron-free version is a separate category of shirts. We list the five benefits of non- iron shirts for you:

• The first benefit is easy to guess and requires little explanation: you do not have to iron. Few people think it is a pleasure to bring out ironing board and iron to iron a few shirts. Many men are keen on ironing a brother and therefore opt for non-iron shirts. Iron-free shirts simply hang on a boy after washing and the creases disappear like magic.

• Even if you don’t hate ironing, we can imagine that you don’t always have time to handle the iron. Especially early in the morning, in a hurry to pack your bag and get to work in the car. Even in that case, non-iron shirts offer a solution: by not having to iron, you save time, time that you can spend on enjoying a good cup of coffee, for example.

• Another big advantage of non-iron shirts is that you look well groomed throughout the day. Even after a long day at the office, your shirt will be neat and tidy. Certainly in the summer, traditional shirts want to wrinkle considerably, with wrinkle-free shirts you always look like you’ve just put on a fresh shirt.

• The business traveler can talk about it: it is quite a challenge to take your shirts in your suitcase without wrinkling. Often there is little time to arrange an iron first at the hotel. Non-iron shirts will probably not be completely without creases due to the folding after unpacking, but this is easy to solve. Make the shirts a little wet or hang them on a hanger in the bathroom and the steam from the shower will make the creases disappear like snow in the sun.

• A final advantage of non-ironed shirts that we want to mention is the easy maintenance. The shirts are made of materials that are perfectly clean at low temperatures. The substance has undergone an innocent chemical treatment that prevents wrinkling. Any stains can easily be treated with a stain remover, after which the shirt can be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees. The shirts do not have to be in the dryer: simply allow them to spin in the washing machine for a short time and they can be put on a hanger and directly into the cupboard.


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