Actress Victoria Lebene Mekpeh who Showcase Ghana reported was dating veteran Actor Kofi Adjorlolo, has revealed in a phone call to Jibriel of that the relationship between her and Adjorlolo is over.

Victoria who revealed several times to that she has been going through a lot especially with her family members since her relationship with Kofi Adjorlolo became public, and she has gotten to a point where she must take a stand between her father and Kofi Adjorlolo.

The Ghanaian Diva said her father, (S.P Victor Mekpeh who is a retired Chief Superintendent Officer of Ghana Prison Service) has been against her relationship right from day one and he has always maintained his position that he will never give his blessing, if she decides to go ahead to marry Mr. Adjorlolo.

“My dad is cool with Kofi but he seems to have a problem with the age difference between us. I guess those who were lambasting this relationship will be happy now.” She said.

“I love my dad and I love Kofi as well, but I had to make this decision because my dad wasn’t ready to change his mind. So I had to choose between my dad’s decision or marrying Kofi Adjorlolo.” She added.

She said she was happy with Kofi but her happiness would never be complete if her family and especially her father was not part of it, stressing that she has been put in a very difficult situation to choose between two old men – her lover Kofi Adjorlolo and her father – and she has decided to choose family over love.

She said Kofi Adjorlolo is aware that her father doesn’t approve their relationship, adding that this is the reason their much anticipated wedding have been hanging for some time now but she wants to end it all and move on.

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