Corona vaccine will be free, not mandatory

Belgium’s health ministers have agreed that nobody will be obliged to get a corona vaccine jab, but the goal is for seventy percent of the population to be inoculated.

Colin Clapson

Mon 16 Nov  16:17

The vaccine will be available free of charge.  The goal is to give 8 million people in Belgium the jab. Scientific advice and a debate in society at large will decide who will qualify first.  Priority will be given to certain groups including those most at risk from coronavirus.

Belgium is participating in the EU vaccine purchase programme.  Under this programme the European commission negotiates with suppliers on behalf of the member states.  Three contracts have already been signed.

A Covid operation vaccine strategy taskforce will head the roll out programme.  The taskforce has the job of deciding which actions and tasks are necessary, to assign these tasks and support vaccination strategy.

The taskforce will include scientists and government representatives, crisis managers but also representatives of professional organisations and technical working groups.

Abroad taskforces are already on the rails.  Germany has the ambition of establishing vaccination centres as early as December.

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