thumb (6)Rev O. Areogun
You must be thinking about the assignment that God has for you on the earth such that you will be the number one choice of God every time. You must live your life in such a way that God will never have any reason to think of an alternative for you. When God sought for a King in Israel, Saul got there but God found an alternative for Saul. Let me tell you something that will humble everyone reading this devotion today; God has somebody else who can do your job!  That you have an assignment given you to carry out by God is not a right but a privilege.

In I Kings chapter 19 verses 14 and 18, Elijah the prophet of the Lord told the Lord that he was the only prophet remaining and that the Lord should kill him. He quickly quenched the cry of Elijah when he told him, ‘I have seven thousand that can do what I have called you to do if ……’ The only person that God didn’t have anyone else to do his Job was Jesus but there is anyone of us that God doesn’t have somebody that can do our jobs and assignments.

Anyone that doesn’t do the work that God called him to do in excellence will still continue because He will not remove the gifts and the callings since they are without repentance. God will raise up somebody else to fill the gap. So, He may add the assignment of the man that failed Him to the assignment of somebody else to do it. You must be determined to be God’s choice every time He seeks for a man that is send able.

There is a reality of replacement and displacement in the kingdom of God. Each of us must be properly positioned to fulfil our calling and mandate from God. There are men that God has in His reserve who are serving faithfully just like Esther getting ready to replace whoever is failing at his duty post. So, it is possible to be a replaceable material or a replacing material. Which one are you? May the Lord depend on you in your day in Jesus’ name.

Prayer:  Lord, give me grace to be a faithful servant, pleasing unto you. May I not be replaced in destiny in Jesus’ name. Amen