God Of Abraham, Isaac And Jacob (Part 3) By Rev. Gabriel Agbo

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thumbObedience is the key to actualizing God’s promises in our life. When we obey, we trigger off the all the dynamics of divine covenants that will ensure that all that God spoke concerning us to come to pass.

Faith, obedience and patience are indispensable as far as our covenant walk is concerned. You must believe that God is true, able and willing to perform all His words upon your life. You must obey all His commands and directions. And you must be willing to patiently wait for His time. Every covenant has conditions, timing, and if you keep them, you automatically activate all the benefits. If you can do this, I assure you that all His promises, covenants and words on your life will come to pass. True!

After God spoke to Abraham, in obedience, he immediately left Haran with his entire household. His was a total obedience. And it took absolute faith and courage to leave because God did not even tell him where exactly He was taking him to. He simply told Abraham to, “…go to the land which I will show you.” He had not told or shown him the particular place at that point, yet Abraham trusted and followed Him.

We have a lot to learn from here. Sometimes, God may not give us all the details, but we must obediently follow Him, trusting that He loves us and will always want the best for us. After all, He said that His thought for us is of good and not evil and that He will give us a good future (an expected end). Praise God!

Where are you now in your walk with God? You must totally trust and walk with Him in obedience. If you are sure that He is the one that called you, if you are sure that you are His, you will surely not sink in your current challenge. Yes, I repeat, you will not sink! Now, the journey might look difficult, long, gloomy, uncertain, just don’t worry, He that called you knows the path to your destination.

You will surely get there. Even in the ministry, God does not tell you all that He will use you to do or that will happen. Best, He may give you a glimpse of the mission, and may not also tell you all that will happen between the call and the fulfillment. He expects you to trust and follow Him by faith and Obedience.

Then, Abraham also believed Him when He said that he will be a father of a great nation. Imagine that! At seventy-five years and with a barren wife?? Yes, some time the man’s faith tried to shake, but God brought him out in the night and told him to count the stars in the sky, assuring him that as the stars are uncountable, so also shall be his descendants.

As you read this message today, your doubts and fears will give way to God’s assurance and miracles in the mighty name of Jesus! If Abraham could not count the stars, you will not be able to count the multiplication that the Almighty is bringing to you way. Until, next week, God bless you!
Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer. Tel:08037113283, E-mail: gabrielagbo@yahoo.com

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