Christmas Is Not Biblical—7 Day Pentecostal Assemblies Argues By Isaac Okyere

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thumb (7)The 7 Day Pentecostal Assemblies Church has thrown a challenge to true Christians to stop celebrating 25th December as the globally acclaimed birth date of Christ.

The Senior Pastor of the Church of 7 Day Pentecostal Assemblies at Esereso in the Ashanti region, Elder Enoch Ofori Junior, has advised Christians to ensure unique moral behaviours during this festive season.

According to him, Christmas celebration as a remembrance of the birth of Christ the saviour is not very significant to be recognizing Christ especially the date December 25th set for it.

Elder Ofori revealed this in an interview with ModernGhana.

He said because the ceremony was not emphasized in the bible, it employs all sort of unaccepted acts among people who celebrate it.

He argued that Christmas is unbiblical and is nowhere found in the scriptures of the holy bible and should never be celebrated on the said date of 25th December.

He explained that the December 25th was already celebrated by the ancient priests to remember the sunny gods and not the birth of Christ.

“The ancient Jews, believed in the worship of the sun, moon, and stars among others. Christ was not born at all. Christ was biologically born by the Virgin Mary which is an undeniable fact but nowhere in the bible on the specific day was He born as people claimed to be 25th December,” he stated.

The celebration of Christmas, according to him, has taken a different twist altogether.

“The kinds of dressing mode that both Christians and unbelievers exhibit during Christmas clearly signal where it is coming from and who it glorifies. He emphasize that, the spirit that follows the celebrations of the sun festival before the birth of Christ is still following the Christmas celebration of the people who believe and celebrate it.”

Elder Ofori also had a word of advice for pastors and leaders of various churches to desist from false preaching and teachings and rather focus on the truth in the bible., pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0