“caring” For All Believers!!! Explained


thumbGo, and do thou likewise. Christ said
Who is YOUR Neighbour? He who shows mercy to others; we should show mercy, because Christ teaches us to. Not only to those who love and show kindness to us. But it should also include all who hate us and do wicked things to us.

My sincere apology to all the scripture used to start this phase of the sharing is Luke 10: 25-37; and not Luke 20:25-37.Thank you to all who observed the error and especially to all who were boldly able to point it out to me. The error is entirely mine. This shows that people love their God and will help to bring out the truth. Secondary it means lovers of God care.

Continuing from my last sharing, I am emphasising on the four gospels to dispel the trivial idea that Jesus Christ is just another messenger or prophet of God. Or whatever ignorance or pride have made us assume Christ is or is not.

Matthew: His gospel testifies us that Christ is King. (Jesus)He is the Christ of God prophesied in the Old Testament with prophecies, portraits, and types (Matt.2:1-23 as Nazarene sort after and worshipped by the Gentile Maggi v 1-12. He was envied by Herod to destroy v 7-8; and sorts to destroy Him v.16-18 and later was taking to Egypt by His parent v.13-15. He came back to live in Nazareth from where He was called the Nazarene.

Mark’s: Gospel tells us that He is the servant of God, “labouring” for God “faithfully”. Look at my emphasis ““.It is to remind us that those called of God are to “faithfully” “labour” for God and not as for employment or profit purposes. Marks gospel though simple as it seems, says for a servant doesn’t warrant such detailed record.

Luke: Brother Luke’s gospel presents a full picture of Jesus Christ as the only proper and normal man who lived on earth. He is the type of man God had envisaged to produce when he created mankind. He was not with the corrupted flesh and nature, Satan could not corrupt Him. One who has never sinned unlike all men (Adam and all who came out of him? Therefore as such a man, God could find in Him qualities as a Saviour of mankind (that such a man satisfied and met the requirement of God).

John: Brother John’s gospel unveils Him as the Son of God. And indeed God Himself John continues. Who had incarnated to bring God to man and man to God? God lived in us and us in Him. He is therefore life for the redeemed corrupted man-God’s people.

Revelation (22:21) tells us that the first and the last name in the New Testament is Jesus Christ. Surely this makes Christ the subject and content of the NT and also of the whole Holy Bible. Again supported by the letters to the church written by the Apostles and many of whom were with Christ. Surely this makes Jesus Christ more than an ordinary prophet of God, but a fitting messenger One who is God Himself.

Again from Brother Paul and many Disciples of Christ after him, Christ have revealed Himself more to such ones who function as leading saints or elders, deacons and deaconesses in the Church. Such generational appointed persons in the Church need our cooperation and support. So that such person does not become mini gods. Join us in the subsequent series whilst travel with you to come to the realisation that Christ is God.And if He speaks it is worthy of our listening and adhering to.Because He God and life His words are life and food for our spirits.