“Because Of Just 1 Million” – Last Alleged Chat Between Afiba Tandoh, Celine And The Nigerian Richman Hits Online

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Clear pictures of the Nigerian rich man who kidnapped and murdered Afiba Tandoh and her friend pop up

“Because Of Just 1 Million” – Last Alleged Chat Between Afiba Tandoh, Celine And The Nigerian Richman Hits Online

Effah John June 7, 2024 NEWS

In a surprising new development, the purported WhatsApp conversations between Nigerian businessman Mr. Andrew and the two missing women, Celine and Afiba Tandoh, have emerged online.

Prior to their vanishing and tragic demise, Celine and Afiba, who had recently returned from Dubai, traveled to Nigeria to meet Mr. Andrew, whom they had connected with on Facebook, and also to attend a wedding.

Afiba Tandoh, who is reportedly married to a white man, joined Celine on the trip, which unfortunately ended in tragedy.

Before their journey, they supposedly messaged Mr. Andrew, and screenshots from the alleged conversations indicate that Mr. Andrew had invited the women to spend some time with him for a fee.

In one part of their purported chat, Celine mentioned to Mr. Andrew that they would only accept 1 million naira because of him.

On June 4th, the body of one of the missing women was found in Aba, Nigeria, with several body parts missing.

Earlier, their handbags were discovered in Mr. Andrew’s fortified residence, prompting suspicions about his involvement.

Mr. Andrew was subsequently apprehended by Nigerian authorities but was fatally shot while allegedly trying to flee during his transfer from Aba to Abuja.

The exposure of the alleged WhatsApp conversations between Mr. Andrew and Celine has given more insight into the tragic tale.

See chat below…

Afiba Tandoh

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