LookBook: The TwoZero Collection by Imaatu
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LookBook: The TwoZero Collection by Imaatu

 LISTEN   JAN 14, 2020

Imaatu has announced the launch of an exclusive collection titled TwoZero, which is a sartorial picture of the designer’s journey through the red carpets and banquets of the Ball season with a specific importance in the Austrian cultural tradition. Reflecting a contemporary take on significant style, with a subtle nod to the stunning designs.

TwoZero is a luxury collection made of silk only with feminine and indigenous bows and draping, with shiny gold and black colors emphasizing elegance and gracefulness coupled with craftsmanship and originality.

The designer’s ingenious transformable designs allows every woman to inject her own personality and style through the personal interpretation of the brands multifunctional fashion.

Designer: @imaatufashion
Photographer: @stefan_gergely
Model: @edithe_suele
Publicist: @moafricapr









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