Marriage Has Made Me A Better Person, Says Becca

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Contrary to the bad rap given celebrity marriages, tying the knot six years ago is however one of the best things that ever happened to Ghanaian songstress Becca.

She describes her marriage to Dr Tobi Sanni-Daniel, a businessman, as a blessing because it has brought out a better version of herself.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, January 30, in Accra, the mother of one said marriage has been a transformative journey, making her more responsible and thoughtful, as well as influencing her perspective on various aspects of life, including her music career.

Expressing gratitude for the positive impact her marriage has had on both her personal and professional life, the Daa Ke Daa hitmaker said, “Now, I think through things before reacting, and calmer than I used to be. My perspective on life has changed and I have a better understanding of things. I am also more patient and caring now. Marriage has really made me mature and I am happy with myself”.

Addressing the question of how she balances marriage and career, which has been the bane of most celebrity marriages, she admitted that a successful, sustained marriage isn’t easy for any couple. However, she has been able to juggle her responsibilities as a wife and a mother, fame and career aspirations, among others, to keep going. She credits the strong bond and love between them as their means of maintaining a healthy relationship.

Asked if keeping her marriage out of the public eye has contributed to her union staying strong, Becca said she didn’t think so. “I haven’t kept my marriage on the quiet, it is not deliberate. Yes, my husband is a more private person but he still has my career at heart. I think our strong connection is the driving force.

“We are not really on the quiet, my husband and I are out there. I love him, he loves me and we do our thing. He is a businessman and his kind of business is not out there and that is probably why you don’t see or hear of him often. I just love my husband to bits and that is what keeps us going,” she added.

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