Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam 2016 (3rd Edition)


Hello to you my gorgeous people! As you all know, I’m “slightly” a fashion fanatic… (and yes that is understatement lol), and so being invited to “Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam 2016” (3rd edition) was such an honor.

It is safe to state that I do know my stuff when it comes to these things. I wrote an article about the Adinkra symbols (African patterns in cloth) click “here” to read, I also wrote an article about Ntoma fabrics and their pattern symbolism (click here) and about Kente Fabrics and their pattern symbolism (click here)… yep your girl has been busy. So to be able to add this to the list was nothing less than amazing. So without any further or do, let me not stall you and allow me to introduce you to the designers and their collection, okay here we go!

The first collection I got to see on the runway (picture above) were the beautiful pieces created by Fallprov with the talented Senegalese designer Mamadou Fall. He showed us several casual pieces in which there were a bit of Ankara fabrics used, but I have to say his evening gowns are simply astonishing. These did lack the Ankara element, however he did use a lot of lace, which we do see back in our African wear. His eye for detail really made the difference. The use of gold and black with a touch of extravagance results in an intense beautiful contrast. These dresses really have the capacity of making a woman feel extremely elegant, regal and unique, I was completely sold.

The second collection I got to see on the runway (picture above) were the beautiful pieces created by La Bella Pamela Creations with designer Pamela Egbe Messy from Cameroon. This lady made it her duty to create pieces that will accentuate the best features of a woman and to produce them in such a way that they will grace every lady. The pieces are therefore meant to be an ode to women, and that they surely were. Because she said and I quote “All women are beautiful”. In her pieces we do see a lot of African prints, Ankara and velvet fabrics with the colors terracotta, black and brown which are usually associated with Africa, simply beautiful.

The third collection I got to see on the runway (picture above) were the beautiful pieces created by Sibel Karacam from Turkey. I always find it super amazing when non-Africans get so inspired by our culture and are then able to produce such beautiful pieces just to honor us. Big thumbs up for that. Her pieces definitely blew me away. She used a lot of Ankara fabrics and the designs are so modern, futuristic with a touch of sex appeal, I absolutely love it.

The fourth collection I got to see on the runway (picture above) were the beautiful pieces created by Abrantie The Gentleman with designer Oheneba Yaw Boamah from Ghana. Now this designer is something else! Even though I got to see the pieces created for women which are beautiful, his clothing line created for men are breathtaking! The women were all dressed with African printed long sleeves shirts with a tuxedo vest over it. Talking about dapper, gentle and stylish. He is definitely a gem to the Ghanaian community!

And the last collection I got to see on the runway (picture above) were the beautiful pieces created by Blackpearl with the designer Diana Tambe from Cameroon, who also happens to be the founder and executive director of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam. Her collection was not just about merely producing beautiful pieces, but they were clothes with underlying messages, and every collection produced by her is an ode to a certain African female legend. She used Ankara and velvet fabrics to create stylish and sophisticated designs.

It was so interesting to see the different designs and therefore the different origin of inspiration of each designer. I hereby would like to thank the team of “Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam 2016” for having me. Not only did I receive free entry, I was also able to bring a +1. I was placed in the front row and because I’m press I was also given a second placement right in front of the runway so I can make these awesome pictures you see. All the runway pictures were taken by me with the Olympus E620 (except the first promo picture) and retouched by yours truly. As this was my very first fashion show, they definitely did spoil me, so again… a very big thank you! I was wearing a satin jumpsuit with wide culottes (love those) from Asos, pumps from JustFab, Ankara statement necklace from Art Center Accra (Ghana) decorated with an oversized crystal broche and finished the look with a Swarovski watch, bracelet, earrings… and a huge smile. I hope you enjoyed this review. Take care of yourselves, be kind to one another and see you in the next one! xoxo

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